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anyoption, the world leading binary options trading platform.

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anyoption is the world's leading binary options broker. Founded in 2008, anyoption is arguably the first company that brought binary options trading to the retail space. Through years of experience, the company has created a compelling platform that's said to be designed for beginners and experts alike. Today, we'll look at the details of the anyoption trading platform as well as other factors associated with binary options brokers to see how well the company stacks up against it's competition; and whether or not anyoption is a good broker for you!

Trading Platform

At first glance, one thing was immediately clear…anyoption has paid very close attention to the value of simplicity. In the binary options trading market, it's not uncommon to find trading platforms that are so convoluted with data you don't need that it's hard to find the data you do. It's clear that anyoption's trading platform is not one of these. While the platform is incredibly easy to use, they've also maintained focus on making sure to provide all tools that traders would be looking for. Everything from trading charts to signals, an incredible amount of assets, a wide array of trade types and more are available on the anyoption trading platform. Perhaps more importantly, all of these tools are easy to find and even easier to use. When it comes to the quality of trading platform, it's clear that anyoption has used its vast experience in the industry to create something that is uniquely great!

Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Minimum Deposit – One of the biggest things that tends to deter new traders from getting started is high minimum deposits. However, at anyoption, the minimum deposit is only $100; giving more traders access to the market. You can open an account with the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, SEK and TRY.
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Options – Another thing that I found interesting about anyoption is the wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Traders who trade create a relationship with anyoption have the ability to deposit or withdrawal funds through credit cards, wire transfer, Money Gram or Western Union.

Customer Support & Education

When you work with an online broker, you're not simply opening a new account. The reality is that you're creating a financial relationship. With that said, you want to make sure that the party on the other end of the relationship is as invested in that relationship as you are. This includes providing quality customer support that is willing to answer your question along with quality educational tools that will help you to use your account properly. anyoption hit the nail on the head in this area. The customer support team is available through live chat, email, or a wide range of local phone numbers for customers in regions around the world. I've also found that their support staff is incredibly knowledgeable; and more importantly, eager to address concerns in the best manner they know how. Also, when it comes to education, anyoption is second to none; offering a full blog, binary options trading courses in both text and video, trading signals, and far more. All in all, I was incredibly impressed with the customer support and educational materials offered by anyoption.

Unique Features

When it comes to unique features, anyoption has far more than I've seen from any other binary options brokers. Some of my favorites include…

  • Choose Your Profit % – Traders have unique control over risk by being able to choose their profit versus loss potential on their trades.
  • Trend – This social feature lets you know if you're on the same course as other traders; giving you a better gauge of which trades to make next.
  • Take Profit – Traders have the ability to end trades early and take profit before the expiry period ends for a small premium; giving them even more control over risk.
  • Show Off – This is a very unique tool to anyoption. It gives traders the ability to share their skills with others by showing off how much money they've made on trades. I really like this because beginners can get a good feel of what trades are profitable; ultimately furthering their own education through the success of others.


All in all, I was incredibly impressed with anyoption. In many cases, those who are the first to hit the industry are out shined by new comers with new, up to date technology. However in the case of anyoption, they have continued to advance their technology, improve their customer service, and expand their educational resources throughout their existence. Ultimately, this has led to the creation of a binary options platform that is far above the quality of most competition in the industry; new and old.