America Movil made a big announcement on Tuesday. The new chief executive of its combined Brazilian business, Jose Antonio Felix, announced that he aims to take control of the entire Brazilian market. Today, we'll take a look at Felix's announcement, discuss the probability of the company achieving their goals, talk about what we can expect to see moving forward, and of course, discuss how binary options traders can take advantage of the trends. So, let's get right to it…

The Announcement From Jose Antonio Felix

As mentioned above, the new chief executive of combined business operations in Brazil, Jose Antonio Felix, made a big announcement on Tuesday. In the announcement, he outlined plans to take control of the entire Brazilian market; stating the following…

We're aiming to make an unbeatable group… We want to lead the Brazilian market on all fronts…”

Those fronts include cell phone service, broadband internet and pay-TV markets according to Reuters.

Is America Movil Capable Of Accomplishing The Goal

Let's face it, to take control of any market, even markets as obscure as carbon fiber in an area as small as South Florida, is an incredible feat. However, the Brazilian market is huge; and considering the fact that just about everyone uses cell phone service, internet, or paid television services, the market is also incredibly competitive. So now the big question is, “Does America Movil even have the capacity to do something this big?” In my opinion, the answer is yes!

According to Wikipedia,  on a worldwide scale, America Movil is currently the “world's fourth largest mobile network operator in terms of equity subscribers”. That's an incredible feat on its own. In Mexico, the company takes the spot as the country's largest mobile network! So, all in all, America Movil has proven that it has the capability to take control of large markets. Aside from the 289.4 million wireless subscribers the company has brought on board by the end of 2014, they provided 21.5 million paid TV subscriptions, 22.6 million broadband subscriptions, and 34.3 million land lines. This brings their total subscriptions as of the end of last year to 367.8 million; which in the scope of things is absolutely incredible. So, given the scale that the company has grown to, I think that with the right amount of resources and effort put fourth, they have the ability to take control of the Brazilian market.

What We Can Expect To See Moving Forward

Based on what we've seen in the market recently as well as the fundamental plans for the company moving forward, I'm expecting to see incredibly positive movement. As a matter of fact, in the past two days, the stock has grown by more than 4%. While we may see pull backs here and there, I think that we may be seeing a reversal on the stock; leading it in a positive direction.

How Binary Options Traders Can Take Advantage Of The Trend

Because we are expecting America Movil to move in a positive direction, binary options traders will find that the opportunities most likely to lead to a profit are call options. So, traders will want to watch the stock and look for the occasional pull back to support. When this happens, traders should purchase calls to ride the resulting uptrends up to the profits!

What Do You Think?

Do you think America Movil has what it takes to take control of the Brazilian market? What are you expecting to see from the stock moving forward? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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