Human ingenuity is an absolutely amazing thing. As a result of the drive for more, whether it be more money, more efficiency, more friends, or more happiness, the way we live is constantly evolving. New technology allows us to take just about everything we do online; and when it comes to trading, the story is no different. The reality is that investors and traders don't have to spend their time in front of a computer anymore. With the rise of mobile trading apps comes the freedom to make money in the market no matter where you are!

Benefits of Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is the hottest new thing in the market today; and for good reason. The ability to trade on the go comes with several benefits. To name a few…

  • The Ability To Multi-Task – In the past, if you were trading, you were home or in an office. There was no way to trade anywhere else. However, with the rise of mobile trading comes a new level of freedom. Now, traders have the ability to run errands, visit friends and family, or spend time on the beach, even when they know big market movement is on the way. All they need to do is bring their mobile phones and take advantage of the price movement when it happens using a mobile app!
  • No More Missed Opportunities – There's no other place where the term “Time is money” is more true than in the trading world. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and about when I got a call or text from a signaling service or friend letting me know that big money is available in the market. The only problem is, you have to be available to trade to take advantage of the big money, and waiting an hour to make it to the computer kills your chances of a profit. Now that mobile trading is available, when big things happen in the market, traders have the ability to take advantage of price movements from anywhere!
  • Market Analysis – As a trader, you know how important market analysis is. The reality is that without analyzing the market, it's impossible to predict price movements. However, most mobile trading platforms make analysis very simple. By providing news content, charts, and other analytic tools, analyzing the market on the go is made possible by most leading brokers.

Top Mobile Trading Brokers

There are several different types of trading that you may want to take on the road with you. With that said, here are the brokers with the best mobile trading apps, listed by the type of trades they provide…

  • Stock Trading – If you plan on trading traditional stocks, I've found the best broker in the industry to be E*Trade. The broker offers three different plans depending on how advanced the tools you need to trade are. The best part is, no matter which package you use, all of the tools are available through their mobile platform. The platform is incredibly intuitive, yet designed to be easy to navigate and understand.
  • Binary Options Trading – In the world of binary options, Anyoption is my favorite broker. Anyoption provides a wide range of tools, a detailed knowledge base with educational articles and videos, an extensive list of assets, and more through their mobile trading platform. As with E*Trade, the platform offered by Anyoption is top of the line; offering everything the binary options trader would need in an incredibly easy to navigate and pleasant setting.
  • Currency Trading – If you're a currency trader, is the broker that I would place at the top of the list. The mobile-ready platform offers detailed analysis tools like charts, news, and more. They also have a very accurate signaling service and an incredibly easy to use interface. Find out more about Forex binary options
  • Social Trading – While social trading is a relatively new concept, there are already several companies vying for the position as the industry leader. In my opinion, that is currently copyop. Copyop allows traders to follow other traders and copy the moves successful traders are making; all while giving you the tools you need to manage risk. The best part is, all of the tools available online are also available through the copyop mobile app.

Going Mobile Doesn't Mean You'll Have To Give Up Tools!

As with trading from a desk top, the tools available when trading on the go can mean the difference between profit and loss. The good news is that with most quality brokers, trading on the go doesn't mean that you'll have to sacrifice the tools that are most important to you. Tools like candlestick charts, economic calendars, news alerts, signaling services, and more are all available to the mobile trader.

Final Thoughts

The world of trading is a constantly evolving one. Thanks to incredible advances in technology, mobile platforms give us the opportunity to take advantage of price movements in the market we may have missed in the past. They give us the freedom to trade from anywhere, at any time. So, if you haven't started to take advantage of the new, on the go capabilities in the market today, it's time to see for yourself how much freedom you can have as a mobile trader!